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Trusted Merchant

Feefo, the Global Feedback Engine, has awarded this merchant Trusted Status. This is a result of achieving an 85% Feefo Service Rating (or above) over a minimum number of feedbacks in 2013.

To achieve an 85% Feefo Service Rating, 85% of customers that left a Feefo rating must have ranked them as either “Excellent” or “Good” across a four point scale.

Trusted Merchant

Feefo ratings and reviews are trusted across industries and by both large and small organizations. Feefo guarantees that all feedback left is 100% genuine through a rigorous protection of the process. Ratings and reviews can only be left by those customers verified by sales data, and invited via email.

Feefo ensures that ALL genuine customers are invited to feedback, providing a true and representative sample of consumer opinion.

The conditions for success in the Trusted Merchant scheme were the same for all Feefo merchants, regardless of scale or industry.